Bullet journals

I was digging around on the Internet for mood trackers (figured it was a good idea since I’m starting yet another new med). I came across a grid like tracker for symptoms.  Great! It look just like what I was looking for.  And then, as I was digging around the Internet for a notebook to put it in (because who doesn’t love a new notebook?!?) , I kept seeing references to bullet journals.  So I googled it.  Bulletjournal.com

Holy crap.  My initial thought was I NEED THIS. It seemed a good way to track everything AND keep my schedule and to do lists together for work. The more I thought about a better idea it seemed. Except one thing.  Ok, a couple things. One, it seemed too involved for me to follow through. Two, the last thing I need is someone at work noticing these elaborate trackers and asking about them.  It’s nobody’s business but mine and my therapist.  Maybe I’m being a little paranoid about it, but whatever. So I had a brilliant idea.

Let’s make TWO bullet journals. 

One that is a straight up planner and note taker, and a second that tracks all things mental health. I immediately found an old cheap notebook I had and turned that into a planner. It seems usable to me.  To track all things mental health, I decided I needed to buy a brand new moleskine notebook with gridded paper. Today, when I go to therapy, I’m going to brainstorm with my therapist what I need to track and then set it up this afternoon.  I have to be careful I don’t make it too complicated.  I think I want to do a symptom tracker and habit tracker, a gratitude list, and then space for journaling.

Hopefully it will be helpful.

On a completely unrelated note, I only slept 6 hours last night and woke up wide awake and ready to go.  I’m currently sitting in my bed writing this, but I’m itching to get up and do something. Normally I sleep 10-11 hours a night. Sigh. Hopefully this isn’t a bad sign……

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