There are some things about myself that frustrate me.  Namely, my follow through.  Anytime I try to track anything…my mood, my budget, anything… falls by the wayside about a week and a half after I start. Hell, after about two weeks I get too lazy to refill my pill organizer. It’s like clockwork.  It’s gotten to the point where my therapists suggests something and I simply look at her and tell her that isn’t going to happen.

I know this about myself, I’ll even openly admit it.  But I hate it. I know I would benefit from doing those things.  I even want to do those things.  But no matter how badly I want it, I can’t seem to do it. This blog seems to be the only thing I do consistently. 

And I have to wonder.  Is this just me? If it is, why can’t I change it even though I want to? Or is it the bipolar.  Is this something I can blame on that? Does anyone have any insight into this?

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