You mean this isn’t normal?

A while ago (54 days if you are counting)  I downloaded this app on my phone. It lets me track my mood.  My phone beeps at me 3 times a day, I swipe to unlock the phone, the app pops up, and I pick one from the list.  It can’t be any easier, and its the first tracker that I’ve stuck with for more than three days.  There’s also a feature where you can take notes about your day, but I don’t have that kind of dedication.

Even though I’ve been tracking for nearly 2 months, I hadn’t shared with my therapist because there was no pattern. Today, she was trying to find a pattern…any pattern. I pulled out my phone and showed her this:


She took one look at it. “Well that doesn’t look like fun.” The next 5 minutes were spent scrolling in and out and analyzing it. It took me a minute to catch up with her.

I was riding on the assumption that graph was relatively normal.  I mean, it’s shows more stability than I’ve had in years.

While I’m more stable that I have been…I still have a ways to go.  I’m hanging onto the hope that it can get better.

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1 Response to You mean this isn’t normal?

  1. That is interesting that you have this tracker .

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