Breaking up with your psychiatrist pt 2

Well,  after my last post in this series, my therapist convinced me to give my psych. one more chance so we can get this new med thing settled once and for all.  We are in the middle of an appeal to my insurance, and this lady does know her stuff and is good at it. She just sucks at communication and getting things done in a timely fashion. Both of which are kind of important.

So I gave her another chance.

We are down to the wire once again.  I’m down to my last “week” of samples and she’s MIA again. I really have a week and a half left, but she doesn’t need to know that.  I’m not doing the whole lets wait to the last possible minute thing. It wrecks every bit of sanity that I’ve fought to regain. The threat of having to switch medications to something that may or may not work while I have this huge conference in the near future is hanging over my head.  I don’t know what plan B is.  I don’t even know if there is a plan B.  See?  This is why I need to get this lady to call me back. My therapist told me to call her and leave a message telling her point blank that this whole situation is destabilizing for me and she needs to tell me exactly what is going on and do something about it now.

My other prescriptions will need refilled in the next couple weeks as well.  Thankfully, my PCP has offered to refill any prescriptions I have, and you can actually get a hold of him.

I’m done. I’m not putting up with this anymore.  This lady is the first person to figure out what is going on and be able to find the correct medication.  She knows what questions to ask and really listens to what is going on. But her scattered, overworked, waiting to the last minute method is killing me.

Having a mental illness and figuring out how to manage it, all the while trying to function like your fine to maintain a work and social life is stressful enough as it is.  I don’t need to deal with this too.

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