Just when you think you have it figured out

Something else crops up.

I have all these (plausible) ideas for second jobs.  Some of which could be very profitable. Some, dare I say it, even enjoyable. All of the totally realistic. I’ll pick up applications, start them, and then somewhere between the idea and the execution I wig the hell out.

So today, as I was hyperventilating on my bedroom floor a light bulb went off.   I was having a full blown panic attack in all of its world-ending, suffocating glory. After I took the appropriate (and legal) med to get myself to chill out, my brain starts connecting dots at lightening speed.

I’ve always had mini anxiety-attacks when it came to applying for jobs.  I am well educated, well qualified, and totally capable of handling myself in most jobs.  And yet I freak out. I usually avoided it until I was able to screw up enough courage to deal with it. This has always been a problem and has created so much stress in my life.

It makes no sense, but when do panic attacks make sense?

I guess I found the next thing I have to tackle…..

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1 Response to Just when you think you have it figured out

  1. At least you know a trigger! Now you can be extra careful.

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