Cheating on your therapist

Sara is out due to surgery, so she arranged for me to see a different therapist in the office because things have been….difficult….lately.

Today I met with the other therapist. Sara sent me to her because “she understands your kind of stuff.”

Dude.  I sat down and in 15 minutes she was able to give me examples of other people that experience the same thing that I do.  She was able to perfectly describe the crazy shit my brain does without me saying anything.

I felt like I was cheating on my therapist. Here’s this lady that I’ve known for approximately 10 minutes and she gets me. Not that Sara doesn’t, but this is different. This seemed so much more clear cut and defined and….easy to process.  This would be so much better than the working relationship I’ve spent 9 months in.


Wrong. This lady was probably able to nail everything that took me nine months to figure out because Sara had already told her. That kind of info coming from a different person would make anyone feel understood.

I did learn some things though.  And some I relearned (because we all know there are things you need to be told 12418 times before it sinks in).

  1. My memory problems have most likely always been present, but I’m just now noticing them because some of the other symptoms have calmed down.  The forgotten conversations, misplaced memories, and forgetting what I’m doing half way through are all a side effect of this thing I’ve got going on.  So the next person who tells me that I’m “too young” to have memory problems can shove it.
  2. Motivation is a serious problem for me, and it is part of the problem when I can’t seem to find something to distract myself.
  3. I love a well placed clock in a therapists office.  Sara has clocks strategically placed around her office so no matter which chair you sit in you can see the time without moving. This lady had none, which meant she kept checking her watch and phone every ten minutes.  I thought the clock thing was like therapist training 101.
  4. I’m sure there is another thing, but I can’t remember.  Shocker.

Moral of the story? It’s OK to cheat on your therapist. Sometimes you can learn things. And if your me you’ll forget the things you learned.

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2 Responses to Cheating on your therapist

  1. Interesting! I’m glad you had that experience – it sounds like it was super profitable. I hope you’re doing well!

  2. Reaper's Victim says:

    My therapist has a clock on the ground that the patients can’t see unless we turn a certain way so that he can see that we are checking

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