Oh TV, you disappoint me.

If you have basic cable and want to watch TV in the evenings, you have 3 options. Bad reality TV, bad sitcoms, and what seems like every crime show on the planet.

The last time I lacked the energy to do life, I turned on a crime show marathon.

Bad idea.

The first episode I watched, the criminal had postpartum psychosis.

The second episode I watched, the criminal had schizophrenia.

The third episode I watched, the criminal had bipolar disorder.

I turned off the TV before I threw my tea mug through the screen.

A few days later, I decided to try again, and turned on a different show.  This time the serial killer was cannibalizing his victims.  So what do the cops do? The cops specifically look for suspects that have documented mental illnesses. One of which had bipolar disorder. The guy’s brother was “hiding” him, because he didn’t want the brother to go to a group home. The first question the cops ask? “Are you taking your meds?” All of these guys act the stereotypical version of “crazy”. Someone else whose house was spotless was OCD and therefor a suspect. While this last show attempted to show that not everyone was a killer, it showed that all individuals who suffer mental illness are suspects.

The actual killer was experiencing a psychotic break.

Reruns are the worst. The older the show, the more mental illness is brought up. And its not in a “hey this person is successfully coping with life” kind of way.

I hate it.  I hate it like I hate it when people say “Ugh, I could just kill myself” or “I wanted to slit my wrists” or “he makes me want to cut myself”. I hate it when people say “He’s so Bipolar” or “My OCD is showing” when they clean up their kitchen.

Yes I’m sensitive to any reference to anything that has to do with mental illness, especially bipolar disorder, psychosis, self-injury, and suicide. How can I not be? I’m not gutsy enough to do anything about it though.

In the meantime, it looks like I’ll be settling for bad reality TV.

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