Because the last few days have been downright miserable, I’ve started to do some poking around the internet to see if there’s something else I can do to help myself.  Everyone is always going on and on about how diet is related to mental health, so I asked the all-knowing google what I should be avoiding.

It was a total bust. Do I drink alcohol? Nope.  Do I drink coffee? Nope.  Do I eat a lot of sugar? Nope. Am I overweight?  Nope.  Exact opposite actually (and I hate it). Do I eat a lot of junk food? Nope–I avoid it, never was a fan of sweet stuff. Given the choice I’ll eat carrots or other vegetables.  Do I drink a lot of soda or eat a lot of things that are processed or have artificial sweeteners?  Nope. Do I eat a lot of red meat? Nope.  I could eat more fish…that is probably my least favorite food though. I love almost all food that is healthy for you.

I haven’t done any substantial grocery shopping in the past couple weeks (which is a giant red flag that I’m not doing well at all–I’m the queen of meal planning).

So maybe my big thing to do today is to really go grocery shopping (it seems lately that I can only handle one Big Thing a day. Right now I consider one load of laundry a big thing).  And, if I can manage, divide up things for my lunch this week.  The worse I feel, the less likely I am to be able to pack lunches.

So maybe I don’t have to necessarily change what I eat, I’ve just got to remember to eat.  That’s the plan.

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