Nothing is ever easy.

I know I’ve said multiple times that it was comforting to know that my mental health didn’t have any easy answers. That the years I spent searching for answers are justified.  That the confusion and stress is there for a reason. So it was comforting.

Until it wasn’t.

I’m not responding to medication like I should, and things aren’t making any more sense than they were before. Symptoms are changing rapidly and are becoming unpredictable. I’m becoming unpredictable. Both my therapist and psychiatrist are at a loss and are consulting with other doctors.

And….I don’t even know.  All I can do right now is take a deep breath, throw myself into my work, and pray.

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2 Responses to Nothing is ever easy.

  1. One day at a time. Only one day. Don’t look farther. Sometimes I think, “Can I take another fifty years of this? ABSOLUTELY NOT.” But then I think, “Can I finish today?” and I think, “Okay. I can do today.” And after enough “todays,” maybe you’ll have an answer. It has to get better, but you have to be around when that happens.

  2. Oh my this hit home for me along with life’s stresses and my heart breaking from love …I don’t know which end is up… Am I over medicated??? Am I under medicated??? Who the hell knows !!! I am just tired of being broken! Thanks for letting me know I am not alone!

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