There’s a lot of things you can say, this isn’t it.

Things not to say during a panic attack–

What meds are you on?

When did you start taking them?

How many times was the dose adjusted?

This is probably a side effect of X.

Are you sure it isn’t a side effect of X?

Are you scared?  Because I think your scared.

I think you are feeling X because of X.

How long have you been taking this med?

Is it helping?

I read the side effects and this could be a side effect.

Are you sure this isn’t a side effect?

How often to you see her?

What is her prognosis?

What does she think about this?

What advice does your therapist give you?  Like what exactly does she say?

Is she helping?

Are you sure its not the medication?


I love you, but you aren’t helping. Especially when it is 1:30 in the morning and I can’t breathe. So please don’t be offended if I don’t call you the next time my anxiety chooses to revolt.




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One Response to There’s a lot of things you can say, this isn’t it.

  1. YES. Let’s just print this list and have it handy to give to people while in the midst of a panic attack. Then they won’t say any of that dumb stuff.

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