Sometimes the words “I’m not sure” are the best words

I met my new psychiatrist last night.  She’s all the things you’d want in a doctor. Kind, easy to talk to, listens, asks good questions.  And most importantly, she really knows her stuff.

My therapist has been stumped for a while.  Helpful, but stumped. So she was happy to be able to discuss my case with the new psych. with whom she already had a good working relationship.

Apparently the conversation started before I even walked in the office.  After talking to me, she made a small adjustment to my meds, explained why, and then said she wanted to take my case to her consulting dr because she wasn’t quite sure what would be the best path to take for me. It was very clear to her that I have an odd combination of symptoms and she wanted a second opinion.

Her saying she isn’t sure was one of the most reassuring things I’ve heard yet. It actually put me at ease and I feel more in control of the situation.  Because she’s thinking, all the while explaining it to me, and taking into account all those things I’ve chalked up to personality quirks but are really so much more.

And the best part is I still felt like a person who happens to be sick when I left  instead of a sickness that happens to be a person.

Y’all know what I mean.

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