It is incredibly important that I find people to support me.  It is what gets me through the difficult days when the depression is too scary, or I’m on such sensory overload that I can’t process or make decisions.

Or support every time my medication changes.  Because, frankly, THAT is scary.  The first time I was put on medication it exacerbated my symptoms to a level that I had never experienced before. So now every time my medication changes (which, of course, is every time my doctor changes it seems–but to be fair, what I was taking wasn’t working anymore), I panic a bit, and if I don’t have people to talk me down I totally wig out.

I had found someone a few weeks back who seemed to be a good person to talk to, and encouraged me to do healthy things like exercise.  Good right? Except he doesn’t get the whole therapy/medicine thing.  He thinks they are all full of it and make crap up, because he can manage his depression on his own.  Good for him.  I can’t.  And when that was his reaction when I told him about my nervousness about my medicine change, I was done.

No more talking to him.

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